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LinkedIn Audio Events - New LinkedIn Feature

July 22, 2022 Jane Jackson : Career Management Coach | LinkedIn | Branding | Job Search | Resume | Job Interviews | Career Coach Episode 231
Your Career Podcast with Jane Jackson
LinkedIn Audio Events - New LinkedIn Feature
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Show Notes

LinkedIn Audio Events have arrived in Australia!

Yes, it’s time to get excited about LINKEDIN AUDIO EVENTS. Yes, they are finally here in Australia after over 6 months of beta-testing in the US.

Why should we be excited? LinkedIn Audio is like podcasting meets TALK-BACK RADIO.  You can join in the conversation LIVE, ask any questions or raise a topic you’d like to discuss.  ON THE SPOT. 

Yes, I know there’s already Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces, but LinkedIn Audio Events are a little different.

At this point in time LinkedIn does not allow recording of the live audio sessions so there are no replays and you must attend 'live'.

Last week I was joined by Twitter Spaces Guru, Keith Keller, and LinkedIn Audio Beta tester, Kevin D Turner to discuss LinkedIn Audio vs Clubhouse vs Twitter Spaces for your career. 

LinkedIn Audio is a new feature that LinkedIn has been rolling out country by country and at last it’s in Australia!  

Many people have been asking me how to find out if they have this new feature so let’s find out if have it first and then I'll explain the key benefits of the LinkedIn Audio platform.  

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