Your Career Podcast with Jane Jackson

7 Biggest Career Myths about Career Management

August 28, 2022 Jane Jackson : Career Management Coach | LinkedIn | Branding | Job Search | Resume | Job Interviews | Career Coach Episode 232
Your Career Podcast with Jane Jackson
7 Biggest Career Myths about Career Management
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Show Notes

Do you know the myths about career management? There are many myths about how to manage your career, and in episode 232 of Your Career Podcast I cover seven of the biggest myths about career management.

There are no hard-and-fast rules when it comes to career progression.  There are different ways to approach your career development and advancement – some may surprise you!

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Once you know your career success readiness, then understanding the career myths to your progression will help you to manage your career more effectively.

Are you ready to find out the myths that may be holding you back? 

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