Your Career Podcast with Jane Jackson

Laid Off? Don't Panic!

November 12, 2022 Jane Jackson : Career Management Coach | LinkedIn | Branding | Job Search | Resume | Job Interviews | Career Coach Episode 234
Your Career Podcast with Jane Jackson
Laid Off? Don't Panic!
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Show Notes

Massive job cuts at tech companies that hired rapidly during the pandemic and cuts at Facebook and Twitter have the industry reeling.

It hurts when you receive an email or letter that says, "We've made the hard, but necessary decision to lay off xx% of the company - unfortunately you've been included in this layoff"

Regardless of the fact that it is a business decision, it HURTS. It sucks. And it's not personal but it FEELS PERSONAL. So how can you bounce back from this? In episode 234 of Your Career Podcast, find out what you can do immediately to bounce back from redundancy. 


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