Your Career Podcast with Jane Jackson

How to Reverse Engineer Your Career

November 27, 2022 Jane Jackson : Career Management Coach | LinkedIn | Branding | Job Search | Resume | Job Interviews | Career Coach Episode 235
Your Career Podcast with Jane Jackson
How to Reverse Engineer Your Career
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Show Notes

To create the career you’ll love and reach career success faster, reverse engineer your career.

If you’ve ever felt unsure about what you need to be successful in your career it’s probably because you don’t really know which path you want your career to follow, and you’re unclear of how far you want to take your career.

Here are the six steps to develop a strategy for your future career success - listen to the full episode for details on how to implement these steps:

1. Get clear on what you really want

2. Conduct your research – find your dream job/s online

3. Analyse the job descriptions

4. Conduct a gap analysis

5. Come up with a strategy to overcome the gaps

6. Find a mentor or career coach

Reverse engineering your career does not have to be difficult.  You certainly don’t need an engineering degree to reverse engineer your career!

Take time to define your career aspirations, conduct research and analysis and be honest about where the gaps are.  To hasten your career progression in the direction you desire, overcome those gaps and you will be in a strong position to progress step-by-step in the right direction.

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