Your Career Podcast with Jane Jackson

Julie Hyne - Executive Presence Mentor and Image Consultant

February 11, 2023 Jane Jackson : Career Management Coach | LinkedIn | Branding | Job Search | Resume | Job Interviews | Career Coach Episode 239
Your Career Podcast with Jane Jackson
Julie Hyne - Executive Presence Mentor and Image Consultant
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Show Notes

Julie Hyne is an AICI CIP Certified Image Professional and Executive Style Mentor and shares top image and branding tips in episode 239 of Your Career Podcast.

Whether you’re unsure about your professional image in person or online, whether you are a business owner, C-Suite executive woman or someone who just wants to revamp their visual image, it helps to have Julie in your corner.

She believes every woman deserves the opportunity to look, feel and be beautiful, inside and out, and be able to achieve that daily, without stress so they can focus on the job at hand. And for a successful career she says you need the 3 D’s:


Julie Hyne is a highly experienced Image Professional who has helped senior executive women differentiate their authentic brand style and presence for over 20 years.

Her Style for Life program and strategies have helped women build their confidence, executive presence, gain votes, promotions, and increase their earning capacity.

Especially as businesses emerge into changing landscapes post pandemic, an attractive appearance with appropriate grooming and personal style still play a significant role in the success of women in the workplace.

Julie works exclusively with senior executive women who hold key positions of influence in Australia to convey more credibility, authenticity and be perceived as even more intelligent and trustworthy that results in more influence, impact and success.

She is a Certified Image Professional accredited with the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI) and holds a Bachelor of Business, Diploma of Modelling, Certificate in TV and Media Presenting, is an Etiquette Trainer and generously shares her top tips for executive career success.  This is an episode you won’t want to miss! 

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