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Sam Lee - Connect with Confidence

February 18, 2023 Jane Jackson : Career Management Coach | LinkedIn | Branding | Job Search | Resume | Job Interviews | Career Coach Episode 240
Your Career Podcast with Jane Jackson
Sam Lee - Connect with Confidence
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Show Notes

Unlock the secrets to social success with Sam Lee, the founder of Connect with Confidence. 

Sam's journey began in the corporate and real estate worlds where he honed his sales skills and rose to the top as a top-performing salesman. But he realised his true calling was to help others discover their own social power. 

He combines his passions for event planning and socialising to mentor individuals in developing meaningful connections. 

Through his coaching programs, Sam empowers introverted business owners and professionals to come out of their shells and exude confidence in any social situation. 

Join Sam in this interview on Your Career Podcast with Jane Jackson, as he shares his knowledge, tips and strategies for making a lasting impression and cultivating fulfilling relationships.

[LIVE WORKSHOP] Improve Your Social Skills and Social Confidence.

25th February 2023  Register on Eventbrite

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