Your Career Podcast with Jane Jackson

Sigrid De Kaste and Jane Jackson - How to Build Your Brand with a Book

May 21, 2023 Jane Jackson : Career Management Coach | LinkedIn | Branding | Job Search | Resume | Job Interviews | Career Coach Episode 245
Your Career Podcast with Jane Jackson
Sigrid De Kaste and Jane Jackson - How to Build Your Brand with a Book
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Show Notes

Are you struggling to get noticed for the great work you do?  In this episode of Your Career Podcast, you will learn how to ATTRACT the opportunities for your career or your business that you deserve!

Whether you are a job seeker, looking to progress in your career, or a business owner, your PERSONAL BRAND is essential for success.

One of the best ways to build your brand is by WRITING A BOOK on your area of expertise.  I was joined by Author/Mentor Sigrid De Kaste on a LinkedIn Live broadcast during which we discussed the importance of branding for your career or your business.  I’m sharing the recording of our discussion which is filled with valuable tips for your personal brand.

A book is a powerful tool to help you stand out and showcase your expertise. 

If you are a professional in your field, you have a book in you!  Share your expertise – provide solutions to specific problems and you will be sought after. A book is a business card on STERIOIDS! 

Not only will publishing a book give you credibility, it provides the best opportunity to CONNECT with your target audience in a memorable way.

Writing a book will enable you to:

•           Highlight your expertise and knowledge on a specific topic

•           Establish you as a thought leader in your industry – the ‘go to’ expert!

•           Provide platform to share your story and connect with your audience

•           Attract hiring managers, new clients or customers

•           Open up opportunities for speaking engagements and media appearances and build your brand

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