Your Career Podcast with Jane Jackson

Martin Stark - The Courage Champion

July 09, 2023 Jane Jackson interviews Martin Stark Episode 246
Your Career Podcast with Jane Jackson
Martin Stark - The Courage Champion
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Show Notes

My special guest on Your Career Podcast is two-time LinkedIn Top Voice and Entrepreneur Martin Stark.   

"Take ownership of fear, venture forward with confidence and resilience

Martin is a leading inspirational speaker and trailblazer who encourages people, teams and organisations to employ courage as a habit, and advises on meaningful inclusion. 

Featured on CNN, BBC Sport, ABC News and in The Guardian, Martin is Founder and CEO of the not-for- profit World Gay Boxing Championships.

The championships aim to increase LGBTQIA+ participation, and lead change in the sport. Martin delivered the worlds' first boxing competition for the LGBTQIA+ community and allies in February 2023. 

Having experienced a number of career transitions, Martin is also a skilled commercial negotiator and Social Impact Expert with 15-years’ experience as an IT Strategic Sourcing Leader. 

He was diagnosed with Addison’s disease in 2006 after having been placed in two induced comas and living through his worst fear - a tracheotomy. Having undergone more than 70 hospital admissions and four major operations, Martin is passionate about health and wellbeing. His near-death experiences have driven him to lead the positive changes he wants to see in the world. 

Let’s hear how Martin became The Courage Champion, dedicating his life to inspiring all to be courageous, have purpose be resilient in this episode 246 of Your Career Podcast, and follow Martin on LinkedIn!

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