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Steve Hui - IFLYFLAT - Business Class Travel

July 28, 2023 Jane Jackson, Career Coach, Steve Hui, CEO IFLYFLAT Episode 248
Your Career Podcast with Jane Jackson
Steve Hui - IFLYFLAT - Business Class Travel
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Show Notes

In this exciting episode of Your Career Podcast, anyone who loves to travel and fly business class using frequent flyer points will love this! 


I had the good fortune to interview Steve Hui who is the Founder & CEO of IFLYFLAT. The most celebrated rewards flight team in Australia. 


Discover how a redundancy from Macquarie Bank where Steve was Head of Accounting Operations within their Global Financial Services, travelling all around the world regularly, was a blessing in disguise for Steve and inspiration for his entrepreneurial venture.

 Steve’s team  at IFLYFLAT has the practical experience of booking nearly 1 BILLION points across the top-tier airlines such as Qantas, Singapore Airlines, Emirates, Etihad, Cathay, Virgin Australia, and more.

They are experts in maximising both credit card reward points and frequent flyer points with the specific aim of flying Business class.


IFLYFLAT provides two flagship services:

 One is the "Flight Points Concierge," which expertly navigates reward point flight bookings for clients, if you have the points, they will find the flights – Steve’s expert team has booked 1 Billion points helping clients fly flat. 
 And the other services is "Points Optimiser" which offers a personalised consultancy for SME business owners, offering a clear plan that creates a fly-wheel to transform everyday business expenses into points for relaxing business class travel.

Steve, also known as 'The Points Whisperer' is regularly featured on TV, Channel 7 & 9, Sky News Business, Your Money Live, SMH, AFR, Luxury Travel Magazine, Money Magazine and many others. 


As the current President of the Chatswood Chamber of Commerce in Sydney, he is dedicated to building and promoting strong business relationships around Sydney's north-shore.


Google 'IFLYFLAT' and you’ll find Steve Hui easily!

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