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Lara Quie - Think LAW - Think LARA

August 04, 2023 Jane Jackson : Career Management Coach | LinkedIn | Branding | Job Search | Resume | Job Interviews | Career Coach Episode 249
Your Career Podcast with Jane Jackson
Lara Quie - Think LAW - Think LARA
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Show Notes

Lara Quie’s superpower is the power of connection. She connects with people very quickly and helps to connect them with whom they need to be connected. 
 As Head of Business Development for Asia Pacific for a Barristers’ chambers, Twenty Essex in Singapore, Lara helps disputes lawyers find the very best barristers and arbitrators for their cases. 

She is also a business development consultant and executive coach for lawyers, leaders, and founders at Lara Q Associates helping high performers achieve more success and greater happiness. 

She focuses on Managing Partners, In-House Lawyers, and C-Suite Executives and those not ready for retirement, lawyers who want to build their practice, and people who want to reinvent themselves. 
 Podcasting is her passion and Lara hosts The Legal Genie Podcast.
 In her spare time she runs a unique handmade gifts and fabric company called Lara Q Designs and enjoys spending time with her 3 daughters, 2 Dachshunds, black rabbit and long suffering husband.

Lara is Eurasian (Japanese/British) and has lived in Hong Kong and Singapore and spent long periods of time in Spain, Germany, Belgium and France.  With this varied background and multiple interests I found that we have a lot in common and thoroughly enjoyed interviewing Lara on Your Career Podcast and hearing her career journey across the globe!

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