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Adam Scougall - So You Want to Be an Interior Designer?

August 25, 2023 Jane Jackson : Career Management Coach | LinkedIn | Branding | Job Search | Resume | Job Interviews | Career Coach Episode 251
Your Career Podcast with Jane Jackson
Adam Scougall - So You Want to Be an Interior Designer?
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Show Notes

Today’s very special guest is Adam Scougall,  corporate professional turned Interior Designer who now successfully combines two careers!

I’ve had the great pleasure of working with Adam through his career reinventions and delighted that Adam now blends the best of both worlds and has created the satisfying and rewarding career he loves. 

In episode 251 of Your Career Podcast he shares his fascinating corporate, creative and entrepreneurial journey.  

A little known fact about Adam is that he was a child actor and featured in Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome with Mel Gibson and Tina Turner in 1985! 

Adam’s story is one that is a little out of the box. We hear a lot about interior designers aspiring for luxury clients and an office full of staff. But Adam couldn’t imagine anything worse. 

After 18 years of people, leadership in his corporate life, he ventured out in in 2018 to running his solo design biz full time. This lasted for 3.5 years before he returned to where he started. Corporate [with a buzzing design side hustle]

After working with a broad range of clients, some great and some a nightmare, Adam became tired of having to accept jobs that could make ends meet, as opposed to fulfilling his creative juices. 

Covid didn’t help financially, nor an always ‘pending’ recession, and after those years, Adam realised he did not wish to pursue a ‘be all and end all’ approach to his design career. 

He wanted stability, steadier finances and the ability to only take on design work that fulfilled both his own and client vision.

Adam now enjoys what we call a lifestyle business, balancing projects he only wants to take on whilst [now happily] holding down a full-time gig at his corporate firm of choice. 

He has also developed his own signature design implementation system that employs other designers to assist day to day, with Adam coming in only at key points in the project.

Adam is about to launch his podcast telling all his experiences.  Watch out for the launch on podcast platforms on 5th September 2023!  “SO YOU WANT TO BE AN INTERIOR DESIGNER?”

His aim for the show is to teach you the thrills, reveal the spills and show you how you can create an Interior Design career that suits your lifestyle.

Where to find Adam:  

Adam's Podcast, "So You Want to be an Interior Designer?"

Adam Scougall Designs 

Adam on Instagram 

Adam on YouTube

Adam  in Mad Max Beyond Thunderdom

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